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Eton Systems

Welcome to Eton Systems

The benchmark of overhead conveyor systems worldwide

We provide production systems – designed to save both time and space. Eton Systems eliminates manual transportation and adds more value to your products. Real-time traceability of individual units for complete sequencing control throughout your production line.

Launching the Opta System

The most important factor in Garment production is efficiency. To keep the needles moving. When the needles are moving – we’re adding value to our product. Inge Davidsson, Eton Systems founder realized this in the 1960s. Since then Eton Systems has revolutionized Garment and Apparel productions all over the world. With the Opta system, we take another step.


Industrial production has been the focus of engineers for a long time now. Philosophical revolutions like Lean production, Six Sigma, and Kaizen have all helped to give productivity a push. By changing the way production managers and engineers view and value their production many companies have seen great results. Eton Systems wants to help industries take another step.

The Eton System is an overhead conveyor system that allows your employees to focus on adding value to your product. We acknowledge that all production environments have differences. Limitations in space and material flow to name two. Therefore, every system we create is uniquely designed to fit your needs.

Find out more about how the Eton System can be adapted to fit your specific industry.




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