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SEWME Household Sewing Machines


SEWME embroidery machine is equipped with a large 7-inch color touchscreen LCD that makes it easy to check and edit patterns, Advanced, and simple ope
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SEWME EOC890 Embroidery Plus Sewing Machine

SEWME EOC890 embroidery machine is equipped with a dual options Embroidery and Sewing touch screen LCD that makes it easy to select, check, and edit d
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SEWME EOC2720 Computerized Sewing Machines with 200 built-in stitch types

SEWME-EOC2720 is a computerized sewing machine that comes with 200 different kinds of stitches and 7 kinds of presser foots making a good combination
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SEWME-EOC2100 Household Sewing Machine with 46 different types of built-in Stitches

EOC2100 Computerized Sewing Machine has two Sewing Modes Single and Double Needles for Home Use. Equipped with 8 different types of presser foots,
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SEWME-OC590 House Hold Sewing Machine with 13 different types of built-in Stitches.

SEWME EOC590 Household Sewing Machine is designed for Beginners who love to make handmade decorations with 13 built-in stitches, comes with 5 differen
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