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This series is a new generation of HIGHLEAD intelligent direct drive lockstich sewingmachine. The head is designed with powertul mini direct drive servo motor and integraled control module which has clear functional atten in touching scren for finger touching (exceptGC19-1).then can be easily changed sewing mode & parameters and be easily operated.It fealtures low noise, low vibralion, environmental protection and energy saving. The new double round trimmer mechanism makes the trimmer movement stably. The short trimmer ending device makes the shorter thread ending (only GC198-3, GC198-3H). The electromag-netic snap device enables net stitches at start and prevents bird-nest The bultin automatio presser foot lifter LED light, automatic lubricating device improves the sewing fficiency ,make stitching operation enjoyable. Various modeis are suitable for all kinds of fabrics. such as synthetic silk, cotton linen, woolen cloth, denim and thin leather.