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Revolutionize the design to cut room journey with the next generation of mass production.

The Gerber Atria™ Digital Cutter delivers what manufacturers need to succeed in the new, digital era by connecting the entire mass production process from CAD to cut room with industry-leading cut quality and unmatched lead time.

Experience the industry of the future, today.
The Atria cutter is equipped with more innovation, intelligence and production capabilities than any other cutting room, making it the smartest and most connected system yet. Backed by Gerber’s end-to-end solution, the Atria connects your entire process by enabling you to seamlessly pass data from CAD to the cut room resulting in a sustainable, high-quality final product produced in no time with no error.

A proven solution for every industry.
Whether you’re producing transportation interiors, furniture or workwear, the Gerber Atria Digital Cutter is your single solution for every challenge.

Exceed industry standards with next-level throughput
With strict deadlines and high industry standards, transportation manufacturers need a fast and efficient solution that combines nesting software and cutting solutions for maximum precision. With smooth motion and advanced cutting algorithms, this easy-to-use solution empowers those in the transportation industry to quickly and efficiently cut with the quality they need to meet industry standards while reducing the need for skilled labor and minimizing costs.

A versatile solution for the next generation.
As predefined trends are changing rapidly, its incredibly important for furniture manufacturers to be able to offer customization. Powered by Gerbers end-to-end solution combining industry-leading software with the Atria digital cutter, both mass production and customization happen through powerful IoT connectivity, giving manufacturers complete control over the process from design through production. The ergonomic system can cut a variety of materials, including vegan leather, with absolute precision while greatly increasing throughput and lowering the cost of ownership.

Increase sustainability with the hardest working digital cutting solution. From denim to synthetics to workwear, its imperative to have a solution that will promote sustainability and help manufacturers remain cost-effective while still delivering products to the market as fast as possible. The Gerber Atria Digital Cutter is able to cut up to 72 ply of 13 oz. denim at 0 buffer, and when combined with Gerbers end-to-end solution of plan and design, pattern making, marker making and production planning software, can reduce material waste by as much as 30%. The cutting-edge system offers next-level throughput with the ability to maximize ply height when cutting even the toughest materials.

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