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DE95/2K & DE95/2K/E Full Automatic Snap Button Machine

DE95/2K & DE95/2K/E Full Automatic Snap Button Machine


It is suitable for binding all kinds of five-prong buttons, denim buttons, jersey buttons, metal snap buttons, plastic snap buttons, big white buttons, sewing buttons, trouser buttons, studs, corns, snap buttons and other button products.


Put the buttons into the corresponding 4 hoppers, start the machine to automatically rotate the hopper, automatically fill the track with the buttons, and automatically send the buttons to the upper and lower molds, driven by the electric servo motor, and you can bind freely as long as you step on the foot switch. Simple and easy to use. The upper and lower molds move in opposite directions, with good penetration. Replacement accessories can bind other buttons.


Driven by a servo motor, controlled by PLC, equipped with an advanced anti-beating sensor. If the finger is under the mold during the operation of the machine, the machine will sense the finger, stop immediately and automatically return to the stop position without crushing the finger.


1. CE-certified electronic safety anti-beater device

2. Button automatic supply device (no need to put buttons manually, safe)

3. Automatic regulator for binding pressure buffer (the thickness of the fabric does not need to be adjusted)

4. Automatic counter

5. Adjustable brightness laser light alignment device

6. There are 2 stapling modes for continuous play and singles

7. There are two modes of operation, automatic and manual

8. Adjustable positioning plate (applicable to five-claw buckle and four-button buckle)

9. Equipped with casters for easy movement

10. Equipped with an ergonomic left foot pedal

11. Adopt servo motor with adjustable speed and constant torque

12. The binding speed is adjustable

13. The running time of the feeding motor is adjustable


Equipped with the European Union CE safety certification of safety anti-thug function

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